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Your Safe Place from the Storm

Your Safe Place from the Storm

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

Psalm 119:114

Ever had one of those days when you wanted to run away and hide? Problems. Hassles. Meddlesome people. Worry. Frustration. Fear.

In scripture, God is often depicted as our refuge. That’s not a word commonly used in our time, but its meaning is certainly desirable for the difficulties we encounter. A REFUGE is a place of safety or shelter from pursuit, danger, or trouble. A hiding place.

In Alabama, we are schooled on how to protect ourselves from tornadoes. When the alarm sounds, we’re to go to our safe places until the storm has passed. Refuge can be taken in an interior closet, a bathtub, a basement, or a ditch. Some have even invested in building storm shelters.

But there’s a disconnect between knowing what to do — and doing it. People still ignore the warnings and needlessly put themselves in harm’s way.

Since becoming a Christian, you’ve been taught how to handle Satan’s fiery arrows and the gut-blows of adversity. But do you heed that instruction? Do you take refuge in the divine storm shelter? Or do you stress out, wring your hands in despair, and ignore God’s counsel to retreat to His safe place?

God is our refuge. And as we learn from our focus text, He is also our shield. That means the Lord not only protects, He defends.

How do you get to this place of safety? By placing hope in His word. “God says it. I believe it. That’s it.”

King David was pursued by his enemies, he took God at His word. “Lord my God, I take refuge in you; save and deliver me from all who pursue me.” (Psalm 7:1) The refuge of the Lord is only a prayer away.

Sometimes we think the longer and more intense the prayer, the greater the probability we’ll get what we prayed for. Spur of the moment, quick prayers, offered in the heat of battle get through to God immediately. No line. No waiting.

Technology now makes it possible for us to monitor our property while away from home. You’ve probably seen the ads for devices that alert you to intruders, provide real-time video, and enable you to talk to them. “Hey. What are you doing on my front porch? Please mow the lawn before you leave.” Dependable versions of these products are expensive.

Good news. God’s alarm system is free to all Christians. As part of your walk with God, you have been equipped with a spiritual alarm system. The inner voice of the Spirit that warns you when to pray or take refuge in the Lord.

Have you ever been out somewhere and had an unexplained since of dread? You sense you or a loved one is in danger. Could be your active imagination. It also could be the voice of the Spirit sounding the alarm to pray and take refuge. Even if you’re wrong, an extra prayer can’t hurt.

Someday when you’re old like me (you may already be there) you’ll be motivated to say something like this: “Where would I be without the Lord? How could I have made it this far without His protection and provision? He has been and will be my refuge until He takes me home.”

How wonderful to know we have a stronghold in times of trouble. (Psalm 9:9)

What alarms you in your life? Go to your safe place, the refuge that is the Lord.

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Reprinted from The Forever Notebook, Book 4 (October – December) Get your copy here: Paperback and eBook/Kindle formats.

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