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Write Your Masterpiece

Your self-published book is not selling. What can you do about it?

  • Spend big bucks on promotion (What? I’m pretty sure that if you look up writer in your Funk and Wagnalls you will see dirt poor as part of the definition.)
  • Write a content blog every day about your novel. If all goes well you will drive some traffic to your website. (You have an extra hour or two every day, right?)
  • Give away something for free? (I’ve got an old lawn mower in my garage. How about that?)
  • Mark the price of your book down to 99 cents. (Millions of other writers have already tried that so you’ll be competing with them. Their books aren’t selling either.)
  • Spend several hours every day on social marketing. (Oh, the thrill of having thousands of Twitter followers whose books aren’t selling either.)
  • Create a series of how-to Youtube videos to drive traffic to your website. (For example: How to Split an Infinitive or How to Dangle a Participle.)
  • Position yourself as an expert and sell your knowledge. (Then you’ll discover other experts who want to sell you their knowledge.)
  • Change your book cover to something more attention grabbing. (A bleeding shirtless Adonis with bulging muscles and a vixen with cleavage holding an assault rifle standing beside a hot car with explosions in the background. That should do it.)

Been there. Done that. Your book(s) are still not selling. Then that little voice in your head says, “Your book is lousy,” to which you respond, “I quit.”

Recently, I visited my local BooksaMillion. Now that is a humbling experience. Just look at all of those books. Did you see the discontinued rack in front of the store? Sorry. Those books aren’t selling either.

Fact is, most books don’t sell and most writers fail.

To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird

On my way out of the store, I spotted a tribute display to the late Harper Lee. There, wrapped in a most underwhelming book cover, was displayed one of the greatest novels ever written. To Kill a Mockingbird, a masterpiece for the ages.

One marvelously courageous book. The book. Just in case you have forgotten, that’s what it is all about.

I picked up Lee’s novel, turned the pages, and marveled at the 30 million copies sold. Then I gave myself a little pep talk. Don’t let all the marketing hype take you away from what matters most. Write your masterpiece.

If you get around to it, and I hope you will, please read my books. You can buy them here.

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