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Where Do You Call Home

What’s that old saying, “Home is where the heart is?”  I attempted a little research on how many homes the average person lives in…in a lifetime.  Couldn’t find anything concrete.  Some suggested every five to seven years.  Others offered three to five in a lifetime.  So, I’ll go with…it’s just different for all of us.

For the record, I’ve lived in twenty-four homes in my lifetime.  That’s a different place just about every three years.  Most of those moves have been the result of job or career changes.  Oh, did I mention that I hate moving?

How many homes have you lived in over the years?  And…if more than one, which one of those is “where your heart is?”

The Polk House in Strasburg
The Polk House in Strasburg

In my book, IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE, Charlie and Mable made their first home together at Strathmore near Mt. Jackson, Virginia.  That was in 1919.  But, as I have said before, “life happens.”  Ultimately, Charlie Polk left the farming that he loved and, in the 1940s, he and Mable bought a home in Strasburg, Virginia.  It was the only home they ever owned.  Paid $500 for it on installments of $11 per month.  That’s where they lived until they both died in the 1980s.

It was there, at that rickety old house, where I would often spend the night when I was just a pup.  And then “life happened,” again.  Daddy died, mom suffered a stroke, and in the eighth grade, that house on Capon Street became my home.  Lived there until joining the Navy out of high school.

I love the place where I live now, in Calera, Alabama.  But, all things considered, my grandparent’s house in Strasburg, Virginia will always be the place I call home.  So, I suppose there is something to “home is where the heart is.”

How about you?  Where do you call home?

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