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Welcome to Divinity Falls, PA

Wouldn’t it be a kick to pick the name of a town? Why, you could even name it after you. Hmmm. Georgetown. Maryville. Thomasville. In my case, Richardville or Dickieton or Weirichburg. Unfortunately, there just aren’t many geographical locations left to name unless…you’re an author.

When I was in the 8th grade, I participated in the 200th anniversary celebration of the founding of my hometown. That would be Strasburg, Virginia, originally known as Staufferstadt (German settlement) and Stover Town. As part of the event, one of the English teachers from the high school penned an outdoor stage play and I landed a non-speaking role as an early American student in a one-room school. The highlight of my involvement was to pull the pigtails of the girl sitting in front of me. I got a little carried away which resulted in some unexpected emotional drama. But I digress…

Once upon a time, back when adventurous settlers were spreading out from sea to shining sea, searching for a place they could call home they assumed the special privilege of naming stuff. Towns, rivers, streams, mountains, rocks. You get the picture. Cool names like French Lick, Loafers Glory, Lick Skillet, Smileyberg, and Grinders Switch.

Angels Diner
Angels Diner

For my new novel, which is a 100% fictional extraction from my mind, I imagineered a town to provide the setting for my story. Welcome to Divinity Falls, population 350. Check that. 348. Joe and Maude Wilson died this week from food poisoning. Warning. Avoid the organic honey at Angels Diner.

In my last article, I mentioned Pops Fielder. He’s the short order cook at the Diner and he was just slammed with a gross negligence complaint from Joe Wilson, Jr., son of the deceased. Now Pops, who has been married five times, has a lady friend, Kristy Luigi, owner of the Kristy Klean Laundromat across the street. Point here is that, as a fiction writer, you get to name your town and the businesses and people that give it life.

The town and the falls that it was named after is located near the south entrance to Allegheny National Park (real) by the Alleluia River (imagined). Legend has it that, in the 1700s, an angel protected settlers from an Indian attack. Scared the attackers and the atackees so badly that they learned to live in peaceful coexistence with one another. Consequently, every June 19th, Divinity Falls hosts the Gabriel’s Rock festival in honor of the angel that brought peace to the settlement.

I’m sorry to report that Casper Knight, the towns only realtor, was thrown in jail this week, and charged with the Wilson’s murder. His fingerprints were also on the little honey jar in the take out bag from the Diner. Sheriff’s Deputy, Tony Calhoun, is confident that he has the right suspect behind bars. The kicker was the $5000 bonus received by the accused upon the Wilson’s death. Did I mention that Casper is employed by the New World Corporation that is on a mission to buy up all the real estate in Divinity Falls?

The protagonist in Angels Diner: Alexandra’s Song is Molly Sanders. She and Casper are an item and she refuses to believe that the love of her life is capable of murder. Believes he was framed. Having her boyfriend hauled away by the police couldn’t have come at a worse time. Molly is preparing to fulfill her destiny with the help of her guardian angel. Can’t disclose her destiny. To get that you will have to read the book.

So yesterday, Casper’s mother arrived in town and so did Casper’s replacement from New World which is where I must leave you as I begin work on Chapter 4, The Unveiling.

Stay tuned…and I would really appreciate it if you would read my books in print and eBook formats. You can get them here.

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