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The Winter of My Life

Sometimes we like to divide life into seasons. You know, Spring is birth through childhood, Summer is the young adult phase, Fall is the middle adult era, and then finally the winter years, when, well, you know.

By the government standard, the winter years begin at 65. So, I suppose it’s winter for me. I am officially OLD.

My high school reunion comes up this year. SHS class of ’66. Fifty years since graduation from the hallowed halls of Strasburg High School (Strasburg, VA). Do I really want to hang around with all those old people?

Thankfully, I am blessed to be in good health. Don’t feel a day over 40. The mirror tells a different story.

My wife is still hot, looks at least 15 years younger than her actual age (I tell her 30), although she is grumpier now than when we met 45 years ago. Should have heard her yesterday when I was driving 20 miles slower than the speed limit with the left blinker on. What’s wrong with that?

Palisades Park
Palisades Park

Our destination yesterday was Palisades Park in Blount County, Alabama. It was “epic.” Sorry for using such a youthful (although worn-out) term. Epic is right up there with “no worries.” There’s a wonderful Thesaurus online. Please use it occasionally.

Speaking of things I am tired of hearing. Here’s one: “How may I provide you with excellent service today?” One more. “It was my pleasure to serve you.” You people are lying. Please stop.

So, atop that gloriously lovely mountain Janet and I posed for our very first selfie. Didn’t like it. Immediately hit the delete button. Then, a couple standing nearby, also posed for a selfie, aided by a selfie stick. Somewhere in Facebook land their friends have likely been treated to 40 nearly identical pics. Selfie sticks? Really? Proof positive that evolution is a myth.

It’s Winter here in the Weirich household. We are doing what we vowed a long time ago, to “grow old together.”

Growing old together is not a bad thing.  Just like the other seasons it just requires adjusting to change. Keep dreaming, planning, hoping, caring, laughing, and believing that “the best is yet to come.” Whatever the season of your life keep your eyes on the road and look forward to what’s ahead. Even if you are traveling a little slower than you used to…keep moving. There’s something beautiful ahead IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE.

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