Richard Weirich

The Need for Creativity

Be Creative
Be Creative

Are you a creative person? For you, the world is a blank canvas, in need of your touch to make it a more beautiful or more meaningful place.  In fact, you aren’t really happy unless you are doing something that provides an outlet for your creative imagination.

My quality of life is measured by my freedom to create.  Creativity is as much a part of me as breathing or the rhythm of my heartbeat.

I live in a household where creativity abounds.  My wife is an artist and I am a writer.  Admittedly, my literary pursuits are more self-contained while her creative endeavors often end up on my honey-do list. Case in point, yesterday I was moving light fixtures and painting the ceiling blue, paving the way for her to fashion a mural of clouds.

When we moved into our home three years ago, I was quite satisfied with the way things were.  But to her, everything is a blank canvas, especially the backyard, where there was nothing but grass. Now, that small plot of real estate is blossoming into Monet’s garden, or at least her version of it.

For those who didn’t get the creativity gene, well, they likely think that we are weird or mentally challenged. Do normal people get up at 5 or 6 in the morning to record their imagination on a laptop or lay awake at night thinking up new twists and turns for a plot or character?

Creative people are miserable in 9 to 5 jobs that require doing the same thing the same way every day. That said, most creative people are usually financially challenged and require one of those brick and mortar jobs for survival.  More recently, to supplement my retirement, I tried my hand at customer service.  I marveled at those who said they loved their job. Listening to complaints all day and disseminating one-sided company policies was neither fun nor fulfilling, at least for me.

By the way, customer service is the only real job I ever had. I have been fortunate to earn a living doing what I loved, starting as a musician and then over 40 years as a radio personality. Even those endeavors provided numerous stressful situations.  Creative minds often butt heads.

What you and I enjoy in life (and some of the things we don’t) were imagineered by creative individuals.  Favorite TV shows, movies, songs, performers, etc.  Certainly creativity abounds in all art forms…and benefits us in many ways.  That car you drive to work was designed by a person of creativity, as was your home, your clothing, and furniture.  Even your favorite meal is the result of somebody’s creative imagination.

There exists a higher order of creativity that was ordained by the supreme Creator.  God’s creation is truly amazing as we live here IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that your (our) need to create is a gift from the Father of all creation?  May we use it wisely.

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