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The Forever Notebook – Book 2- is Now Available

Lessons Learned from Christ's Nativity

Book 2 in The Forever Notebook Daily Devotional series is now available.

This second quarter edition covers April – June.

You can get your eBook and Kindle copy in here.

The Forever Notebook provides daily inspirational and instructional counsel to help you grow in your forever relationship with God.

Each book in the quarterly series is grounded in God’s word, and written to help you face life’s greatest challenges, strengthen your faith, and provide you with hope, comfort, and encouragement based on sound biblical teaching.

In the Forever Notebook, Book 2 (April – June), you’ll be challenged to start a daily quiet time, set meaningful spiritual goals, and take a disciplined approach to applying godly principles to daily living.

Topics covered in Book 2 include:

• How to Pray Continually
• Faith that Moves Mountains
• How to Manage Anxiety
• How to Manage Sorrow
• Why You Don’t Have to Be Afraid
• How God Protects His Children
• The Way Out of Temptation
• When You’re Treated Unfairly by Bad People
• The Simple Heartfelt Prayer that Says It All
• How to Turn Hardships into Blessings
• Ineffective and Unproductive Faith
• How to Survive a Crushed Spirit
• How to Recognize Heavenly Wisdom
• God’s Plan for Anger Management
• How to Walk by the Spirit

Check out the free sample of The Forever Notebook, Book 2, below:

Get The Forever Notebook for your daily devotions here:

Book 1: January – March

Click the link to order: Paperback

Click the link to order: Kindle edition

Book 2: April – June

Click the link to order: Paperback

Click the link to order: Kindle edition

Book 3: July – September

(Available May 1)

Book 4: October – December

(Available July 1)

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