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The Enormous Challenge of Self-Publishing

One of the great positives about being a self-publishing author is freedom. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? I answered to bosses more years than I care to remember. There were a few along the way who were somewhat tolerable. But autonomy is nice, albeit enormously challenging. When I wrote my first novel

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Richard Weirich

Why I Have So Many Names

My birth name is Richard Allen Weirich but I’m known by many other monikers. Everybody in my family, back in the day, called me Dickie or Dick. Every now and then, I hear from somebody who knew me in my younger days and they still call me by that name. But now it sounds so

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New Book Available NOW

Dear friends, This was my second trip to Divinity Falls and once again, it didn’t disappoint. Alexandra is back and so are her friends: Casper Knight (her love interest from Book 1 –Alexandra’s Song), Norma Price (her best friend), and Tony Calhoun (the Sheriff’s Deputy). Alexandra’s love life is definitely kicked up a notch in Book 2,

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My Writing Tip for the Rest of Your Life

Who’d a thunk it? This old man added something new (previously believed to be impossible) to his writing routine. Never gave it much thought. Check that. Never gave it any thought. But it just might be the most important thing I have done to help myself. So what is it? What is that vitally important

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A Good Writer Can Make Stupid Amazing

Christmas in July? Really. Back in the day we used it as a promotional stunt in radio. Today, that gimmick is now a viable programming alternative. Maybe it’s kind of a weather thing. You know. Christmas and snow. Freezing temps. Helps us somehow feel cooler in the sweltering heat of July. Regardless of the reason,

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New Novel is Underway

Since concluding my last novel, Alexandra’s Song, I have taken a month off from writing. Well, sort of. Actually, I have devoted time to revising my previous works with new covers and a few touchup edits where needed. This old dog still likes to learn some new tricks. I was determined to master GIMP (because

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Wholesome is Not a Dirty Word

Wholesome isn’t cool or popular. “You write clean books. Really?” Sounds like writing intended for children. In fact, WHOLESOME is a dirty word in that it is a turnoff term to many if not most potential adult readers. Clean. Family Friendly. Wholesome. Safe enough to tell the parrot belonging to the town gossip. I have

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How to Use Seed Ideas for Creative Writing

My new novel, Alexandra’s Song, began with a seed idea. “A girl is running.” Planted it at bedtime. Nurtured it while trying to fall asleep. Woke up early with a story concept which I immediately used to construct an outline. By lunchtime, Alexandra’s Song was born. Obviously, there is nothing new under the sun. Googled

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