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Trailer for Hope of Cherry Blossom Lane

While working on a novel, I collect photos that help me better visualize characters and setting. When the book is completed, I then assemble some of the pics into a story board for a trailer. Following is the trailer for Hope of Cherry Blossom Lane.

New Book Available NOW

Dear friends, This was my second trip to Divinity Falls and once again, it didn’t disappoint. Alexandra is back and so are her friends: Casper Knight (her love interest from Book 1 –Alexandra’s Song), Norma Price (her best friend), and Tony Calhoun (the Sheriff’s Deputy). Alexandra’s love life is definitely kicked up…

Angels Diner Book I

Molly Sanders has been given the unique ability to see beyond the physical world into a place where a war rages between the forces of good and evil. My first novel in the Angels Diner series is complete. Introducing, Alexandra’s Song.     To date, my books have been works of…

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