The Wedding: A Novel

$7.99 (as of July 1, 2018, 3:50 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details $3.97


The Wedding: A Novel

$7.99 (as of July 1, 2018, 3:50 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details $3.97

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Simon Steinberg, a major movie producer, and Blaire Scott, an award-winning television writer, are among the most respected couples in Hollywood. They have defied the cliches, keeping their marriage together for decades. Their children — Samantha, Scott, and Allegra — are successful and happy, but must face challenges we fear for our own children as well.

As an attorney for the stars, twenty-nine-year-old Allegra Steinberg is used to negotiating major movie deals, and fielding phone calls at all hours of the day and night. But she has little time for private life — until a chance encounter with a New York writer turns her life upside down. Suddenly , Allegra finds herself planning a wedding at her parents’ Bel Air home.

As preparations begin for a September ceremony, surprise announcements and ever-increasing anxiety bring out the best and worst in everyone. But as couples in each generation of the Steinberg family struggle with broken vows and new hopes, the real meaning of Allegra’s wedding emerges. For the bride, the ceremony is a bridge between her past and her future. For her parents, it is a reminder of the bond that holds them all together. And for both families, it is an opportunity for reconciliation, and new hope.

In a compelling portrait of real people on an unreal world, Danielle Steel uses Hollywood as a backdrop to reveal the dreams, the fears, and the expectations of a ceremony that unites us all and changes lives forever….
Allegra Steinberg has all the real-life problems of a Hollywood mover and shaker. As the daughter of two prominent producers and the entertainment lawyer for some of the most famous stars, Allegra spends her time supporting those who stand directly in the glare of fame. When Allegra’s fragile personal life starts to crumble, however, she finds the courage to turn her attentions to her own life. And when she meets Jeff Hamilton, a sincere, sexy writer, she finds a reason for self-examination. The course of true love soon takes its required detours, and Jeff and Allegra must learn to compromise, grow up, and grow together.

Once again, Steel delivers the goods: a novel full of fame, fashion, and modest passion. Though the story starts off a bit unfocused, and takes minor side trips to investigate unrelated issues, fans should find it a satisfying Steel fix. The Wedding has no pretensions of being anything other than what it is–a perfect read for a plane trip or a long, lazy weekend. –Nancy R.E. O’Brien


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