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Our Obsession with Lists

What’s up with all these lists? I’m not buying the “God started it” argument. Ten Commandments. First blogger to use a list: Moses. First social media platform: a rock. Besides, the greatest list ever written has been watered down to the Ten Suggestions. Just sayin’.


Before you get the wrong idea, I am not anti-lists. My blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages feature lots of handy itemized lists. I just wonder why? What is the attraction?

Possibly our obsession is something simple like a desire to simplify our interests? Or, something that reflects the reality of our work ethic: we are lazy. Nope. Couldn’t be that.

By the way, some of the new lists have led me to the conclusion that we are running out of lists. Case in point from a search on today’s news. I call it my 5 Lists to End All Lists

  1. 10 Hotel Secrets from Behind the Front Desk
  2. 5 Accidentally Transphobic Phrases Allies Use And What to Say Instead
  3. 8 Adorable Animals that are Surprisingly Violent
  4. Little-Known Second Verses of Ten Children’s Songs
  5. 24 Things Women Can Finally Do

Odd though they may be, in all honesty, these titles make you want to read the articles. So, kudos to the authors for their creativity and daring.

For my use, I am attracted to lists that have to do with writing novels. One day, when I have nothing else to do, I will compile a list of my lists. However, I’m a fan of the way Nike put it, back before all this list madness began. When it comes to writing or any worthwhile pursuit: “Just Do It.”

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