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New Novel is Underway

Since concluding my last novel, Alexandra’s Song, I have taken a month off from writing. Well, sort of. Actually, I have devoted time to revising my previous works with new covers and a few touchup edits where needed.

Richard Weirich NOVELSThis old dog still likes to learn some new tricks. I was determined to master GIMP (because it’s FREE) and step up my marketing efforts. Mission accomplished. What is GIMP, you say? Like Photoshop without the hefty price tag.

Additionally, I have set up a little side biz at Fiverr for those interested in professional custom book trailers. Gives me a chance to use some of my background in production and voice talent. You can check out the service here.

This blog marks the end of my lengthy To-Do list. Tomorrow, I’ll knuckle down on the second book in the Angels Diner series, Alexandra and Grace. Target date for release in October 1.

In the new book, Danny is missing and so is Molly’s guardian angel. Determined to get the boy back she must take on Helel Ben Shazar and the angels of darkness. Can she succeed without the help of Angel? For that matter, can she survive?

In a previous post, I observed that finishing a novel is an exciting event. Close to that euphoria is what is happening with Alexandra’s Song. It is selling like hotcakes, which I assume is a good thing if you run an IHOP. Seriously, best book launch to date and it has also resulted in an uptick in sales of my other novels.

Yeah, I write because I love it. But it does make me feel good when people read my work and speak kindly of it. So, thanks so very much for your support.

Here’s to a great summer. Stay cool and if you get a chance, share a review of my books at Amazon.

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