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Dear friends,
This was my second trip to Divinity Falls and once again, it didn’t disappoint.

Alexandra is back and so are her friends: Casper Knight (her love interest from Book 1 –Alexandra’s Song), Norma Price (her best friend), and Tony Calhoun (the Sheriff’s Deputy).


Alexandra’s love life is definitely kicked up a notch in Book 2, The Miracle at Gabriel’s Rock. I’ll leave you to guess which one of her previous suitors wins her heart. You will be surprised. I know I was.

I’m happy to report that between the two books, Alexandra’s dad, Yuri Zakharov, married his longtime personal secretary, Belle Meade. He also resigned as conductor of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra to manage his daughter’s career.

The gang at the Diner was there to greet her upon her return: Rose, Reggie, and Pops. Yes, Pops came back. That sixth marriage didn’t work out.

Of course, Alexandra gained an unexpected blessing in Alexandra’s Song. She was reunited with her birthchild, Amadeus. (Now, Danny Price.) But her joy was short-lived. In Book 2, five-year-old Danny is kidnapped and Alexandra’s old nemesis, Helel Ben Shazar, is behind it.

But someone from her past, Johnny Hinson, takes on a vital role in the new adventure. This is a twist you won’t want to miss.

Remember Alexandra’s guardian angel, Angelica Lopez? Angel revealed Alexandra’s destiny and helped her to attain it. Well, part of it. As Alexandra discovers in The Miracle at Gabriel’s Rock, the best was yet to come, but she would have to go through hell to get it.

Wait until you meet Alexandra’s new friends, a girl’s trio, called Grace. Their talents are not only musical but also supernatural.

What I hope for in all of my books is that the reader feels something. Emotion. Tears. Laughter. Fear. Joy. Passion. Of course, you will be the ultimate judge of my success. But I know this, I was moved when I wrote it.

And I want the reader to be able to identify with the characters. The greatest compliment I ever received was when a reviewer wrote: “The characters feel like family. My family.”

Oh, yeah. During the writing of this book, I took on an exercise regimen. I now walk four miles a day. I tell you that for two reasons. One, because I never saw myself doing it. And secondly, because most of the ideas for the twists and turns in the story came to me while walking. In fact, one scene was inspired by a bunch of blackbirds attacking a neighbor’s garbage can.

So, with all that said, I sincerely hope you enjoy, The Miracle at Gabriel’s Rock. It goes on sale on October 1 through

All the best,
Richard Weirich

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