Richard Weirich

Mountains and Molehills

No doubt, you have heard the old expression, “Don’t make mountains out of molehills.”  There are several other similar clichés that come to mind such as “Don’t sweat the small stuff, “Don’t blow things out of proportion,” and “Don’t major on the minors.”


As you prepare to take on a new day you will be confronted by a steady stream of small problems (molehills) and it’s your job to react to them wisely, which requires a reasonable assessment of the situation.  Make no mistake, there will be massive problems (mountains), but the wisdom of the ages tells us to see those small problems for what they are, temporary annoyances that will quickly subside IF we (a) “Put out the fire before it becomes an inferno,” (another cliché) or (b) “Refuse to give it the time of day.”  Yep, sometimes “things are best left alone.”

It has been my observation, and I’ve lived enough years to make this assessment, that most of our problems have to do with other people. Bosses, co-workers, relatives, bad drivers, customer service (or lack thereof) reps, spouses, significant others, etc.  You get the picture.


Certainly there are other sources of problems such as health issues, emotional struggles, and unexpected tragedies.  That would be your real mountains.

Here’s a little something I learned a long time ago about dealing with difficult people (one comes to mind right now).  Don’t give that annoying person “permission” to make you feel miserable.  “I do not give you permission to make me feel bad.”  By the way, that is to be said to yourself, not the other person.

We can’t control what other people do but we can control ourselves.  So, deal with the only person over whom you have total control.  That’s you. Resolve to do the right thing and to be true to yourself.  Don’t become like that other person.  Take the high road and do what is right.

Manage your molehills wisely so you can enjoy the peace and harmony available IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE.

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