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Meet My New Family

I go to bed thinking about them. When the morning comes they weigh heavily on my mind. That’s my new family. To be clear, my old family is also top of mind. They matter enough to be the subject of my daily prayers.

The gossip gadabouts are going to love this juicy fact: I get a new family three to four times per year.

These new families of which I speak are the ones I write about in my books. See there. That wasn’t so bad, was it? My new families are fictional but so very real.

Angels Diner
Angels Diner

Currently, I am concerned about Molly Sanders. She’s a 20-year-old gal who is on the run, hiding out in the tiny burg, Divinity Falls, PA. Molly’s not her real name, just the one she has adopted to protect her anonymity. Can’t tell you her real name because then you would know who her daddy is because he is famous.

Molly has taken a job at Angels Diner as a waitress. Her boss, Reggie Johnson, can’t get his nose out of his computer monitor. But he must be doing something right. He has been at the helm of the Diner for 30 years.

Just when Molly thinks that she can finally settle into the simple life, she comes face to face with Angel Lopez. What do you say to your guardian angel who has come to make you confront your past and realize your destiny?

The cook’s name is Pops. Once upon a time, Pops Fielder pitched in the World Series for the Pittsburg Pirates, then came that awful career ending injury. He’s been at the Diner for 28 years, has hated every minute of it, and has the disposition to show for it.

Besides Molly, there are two waitresses who handle the workload. That would be Rose Niles and Lizzy Bryant. Rose is a 58 year old widow who has her designs on Reggie. Sadly, she can’t get him to pay attention to her. Lizzy inherited a cabin from her grandparents, her incentive for moving to Divinity Falls. There’s something strange going on outside that cabin that keeps her on edge.

Molly met a fella. Casper Knight runs a one-man real estate office down the street. He has one of the best jobs in town, or did. He is beginning to learn that his boss, L., CEO of the New World Corporation, is the personification of evil. Hmmm. L. Give that some thought. L. is making Casper’s life miserable but at least, love is in the air.

Yesterday was so sad. We said goodbye to Joe and Maude Wilson just a few days shy of their 70th wedding anniversary. Cops think it was murder. Somebody poisoned their food at Angels Diner. The prime suspect is that nice realtor, Casper Knight. Oh, my.

Things are heating up for my new family. The ongoing battle of good vs. evil is raging. A supernatural nail biting thriller is unfolding. Stay tuned. Angels Diner: Alexandra’s Song will be released in May.  After that, it will be time to meet another new family.

If you haven’t read my previous books you can find them at Amazon. This link will get you there. Have an awesome day.

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