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God Is the Greatest Teacher of All Time

God Is the Greatest Teacher of All Time

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

Who was your best teacher? Is there one that stands out in your mind above all the rest? What made that teacher special?

In the eighth grade I signed up for band. One of the unfortunate realities of playing in a small band is that you are stuck with the instrument the band director needs and not the one you want. Consequently, I was assigned to play the tuba. I loved music but the tuba just wasn’t for me.

Fortunately, by the next year our band was short a trombone player, so I volunteered to switch instruments. After auditions I ended up last chair and didn’t have a clue what was going on. I must have been bad because the first chair player made fun of me all year.

Early in the summer I received a call from Steve Strickler, the new band director assigned to our school. He wanted each band member to audition for him so he could get an idea of what he had to work with.

What I remember most about that audition was that it was awful, and I didn’t want to spend another year at the bottom of the trombone section. I braced myself for the verdict. Then came words that would change my life. “You have something special. If you will practice hard, I believe you can become a great player.”

His words gave me the hope and encouragement I needed. For the rest of the summer I practiced four hours every day without fail.

Once again we were required to audition for chair placement. I’ll never forget looking on the bulletin board to see the seating arrangement. I had been assigned first chair, and the guy who had made fun of me throughout the previous year was dropped to second chair. He was so humiliated by the experience he quit the band.

Steve Strickler’s influence on my life was enormous. By my senior year I made first chair in the district, first chair in the state, and was accepted into the Navy Band. More than just teach me the basics of how to play my instrument he gave me encouragement and a reason for living. He saw potential in me when no one else did.

A great teacher can alter the direction of your life by planting the seeds of a dream based on your potential. In today’s selected text the psalmist is appealing to the greatest of all teachers, God. “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” He wants God to teach him how to make the most of the days of his life. He wants to get his life right in a world gone wrong and desires a “heart of wisdom.”

God is the greatest teacher of all time.

Nobody knows more about you than God. He knows your potential because He is the one who designed you. When you surrender to His instruction, you will find meaning and passion for living. Your eyes will be opened to opportunities you never dreamed possible.

Extract the most good from each day by following God’s instruction. Strive for the vision He places in your heart and grow in His wisdom. Get your instruction and inspiration from — the greatest teacher of all time.

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Reprinted from The Forever Notebook, Book 1 (January – March) Get your copy here: Paperback and eBook/Kindle formats.

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