Mary’s Little Sister

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Title: Mary's Little Sister
Release Date: December 8, 2017
Pages: 250
ISBN13: 978-1981526666
ASIN: B0781D4PF7

A must-read Christmas story of faith, hope, and miracles.

According to legend, Mary the mother of Jesus had a little sister who possessed a special spiritual gift given by her guardian angel and passed on to select children through the ages, and five-year-old Melissa Hyatt in Winterville, Vermont believes she's the modern day recipient of the gift that restores lost faith in those with broken lives.

Journalist Penelope Foster lost her faith after the untimely deaths of her father and her soldier husband who was killed in Afghanistan.

Baseball star Adam Johnson lost his faith when his pitching arm was crushed in an automobile accident.

And Melissa's single mom, Sylvia, lost her faith because her husband abandoned her and left an eviction notice, a mountain of unpaid bills, and now she's received the devastating news the Hill Valley County court is taking Melissa away from her.

When Child Services is unable to find a foster home during the Christmas holiday, Melissa escapes and the search begins revealing a corrupt judge and a string of miracles as the result of Melissa's child-like faith.

Mary's Little Sister is set in the small town of Winterville, Vermont during the annual Christmas Festival.


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