Hope of Cherry Blossom Lane

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Title: Hope of Cherry Blossom Lane
Release Date: January 14, 2017
Pages: 331
ISBN13: 978-1542553872

Hope Hunter dreamed of becoming a professional artist like her grandmother, Henrietta Debose. As a child prodigy studying under the master oil painter, Hope was well on her way, until her 17th birthday when she abandoned her dream to marry Terrence. Their marriage lasted 21 years until his gambling addiction cost them everything.

After a bitter divorce, Hope's grandmother dies, leaves Hope's father out of her will, and bequeaths her estate to Hope, including the house on Cherry Blossom Lane. With renewed optimism, Hope relaunches her dream.

Hope has three weeks to prepare for the grand opening of the Hope Gallery. But life happens and unexpected challenges threaten to kill Hope's dream.

Her daughter, Jessica, and 3-year-old granddaughter, Emma, move in with her. Jessica's abusive husband threatens to take Emma and Hope's ex moves to town with his new wife. Hope's father, Marvin, contests his mother's will and gives Hope thirty days to get out of the house. Then, a blizzard wipes out her grand opening.

How much is too much? At what point should she give up?

Weighted down by problems and overwhelmed by doubt, Hope concludes, "Forty-one year old divorcees weren’t meant to be dreamers."

But then - she gets back up…

Hope of Cherry Blossom Lane is a page turning contemporary fiction novel for the dreamer in all of us. It's about love, finding out what really matters, forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope.

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