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Angels Diner Book I

Molly Sanders has been given the unique ability to see beyond the physical world into a place where a war rages between the forces of good and evil.

My first novel in the Angels Diner series is complete. Introducing, Alexandra’s Song.

Alexandras Song
Alexandras Song



To date, my books have been works of historical fiction. Alexandra’s Song is work of contemporary fiction with shades of suspense, the supernatural, and romance.

The story is set in Divinity Falls, PA, population 400. “Salute!” (Trivia question: Name the TV show that popularized that expression?)

Molly Sanders is the 20-year-old protagonist with a painful past, a big secret, and a forsaken dream. Driven by a anger, hurt, hatred, and a vendetta against her father, Molly runs away from home, hoping to find peace and isolation from his tyranny. Surely, the tiny Pennsylvania town near the Allegheny National Park would be far enough off the beaten path to achieve her goal.

On her first day in Divinity Falls she lands a job at Angels Diner and befriends four colorful co-workers: Rose, Lizzy, Pops, and Reggie.

Next day, she encounters Angelica Lopez, an elderly woman with a walker who knows more about her than anyone could possibly know. But that’s no big deal for a guardian angel, right?

Angelica, aka Angel, invites Molly to live at her place, a not so modest secret mansion in the woods. It is there that Angel prepares Molly to embrace the Master’s 3-part destiny for her life. Molly reluctantly agrees to Angel’s plan which brings the wrath of Helel Ben Shazar (Satan) and the angels of darkness.

Enter Casper Knight, handsome eligible bachelor. (If following her destiny wasn’t enough to destroy all hope for her desired peace and tranquility.) Yep. They fall in love. But then Casper gets blamed for the murder of Marge and Joe Wilson, that sweet couple from the antique store.

While Casper is in jail, Molly cares for his house which leads to an incident in which she is nearly killed.

On the first Saturday in August 2016, Molly travels to Upton, PA, to… Better not tell you that. That would be giving away her secret and her destiny. Turns out to be the greatest day of her life prompting the forces of evil to turn up the heat. The opposition becomes so great that Molly abandons her guardian angel, her friends, and her destiny and runs again.

Things go from bad to worse and in a shocking turn of events, Molly realizes the second part of the Master’s plan. Again she comes under demonic attack that leads to a coma and intensive care in a hospital.

When Molly awakens she sees the man she despises and is confronted with the question that will determine how her life ends. “Will you forgive him?”

Alexandra’s Song was fun to write. In fact, it wrote itself. I was as surprised by the twists and turns as you will be. And that one thing I always hope for in my books happened. It made me cry, especially the part where I discovered why the book is entitled, Alexandra’s Song.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this book. Work on Book II, Return to Divinity Falls, is already underway.

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