Richard Weirich

After the Storm

I am currently working on the second book in the IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE series.  There will be a considerable jump in time from where the first book ended.  Faith Conquers Fear ends in June of 1919 and the new novel, After the Storm, begins in the fall of 1954. The story is about a tragedy that befalls Mable and Charlie’s only son, Charles Polk, Jr.

Charles F. Polk, Jr.
Charles F. Polk, Jr.

One day shy of Charlie, Jr.’s 20th birthday, he was accidentally killed by his best friend.  He seemingly had everything going for him: handsome, popular, athletic, and with a smile that could melt the coldest heart. He had plans of becoming a Lutheran minister but first he wanted to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps. Two years, to the day, after he graduated from high school he was accidentally killed by his best friend which sent shockwaves through his hometown and devastated his family. No one was more overcome with grief than Mable, who, up until her son’s untimely death was the rock of faith that held the family together. Without her spiritual strength the family was on the brink of falling apart.  Ultimately, hope and healing comes from an unlikely source.

My goal is to have the book published and available by December and there are already 3, possibly 4, additional books in the series on the drawing board for 2016.

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