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A Good Writer Can Make Stupid Amazing

Christmas in July? Really. Back in the day we used it as a promotional stunt in radio. Today, that gimmick is now a viable programming alternative.

Good Writing

Maybe it’s kind of a weather thing. You know. Christmas and snow. Freezing temps. Helps us somehow feel cooler in the sweltering heat of July.

Regardless of the reason, some local radio stations are playing wall to wall Christmas tunes. Please spare us, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

Not to be left out, at least one TV network has gone wall-to-wall Christmas programming. That would be on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. Admittedly, I’ve seen most of them.

So yesterday, with absolutely nothing else on TV worthy of note, I watched The Case for Christmas. Yep. Please don’t think badly of me.

Synopsis: Santa Claus (George Buza) must hire a lawyer (Dean Cain) when a man sues him for emotional distress.

Starts out silly. A goofy looking guy shows up at the North Pole to serve Santa a summons. The elves are even goofier. I suppose criticizing elves is not politically correct but I’m being completely transparent here.

Commented to my wife, this is stupid. Silly. But, I kept watching all the way to the end. Why? Turned out to be a really good story. Enough for a lump in my throat and a few sniffles when Santa was vindicated.

Hats off to the writer(s) for taking a silly premise and turning it into an entertaining story.

Sometimes when I am writing, I feel that my fiction ideas are silly. Then I see one of these movies based on plots that are way out in left field and the writers still manage (most of the time) to make their stories interesting.

Moral: Don’t shy away from silly, goofy, or bizarre. If you can turn those ideas into compelling and entertaining stories then you have arrived.

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