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10 Reasons You Should Read Farewell PFC POLK

Now AvailableTen reasons to read my book. Now there’s a challenge. For me. Not you. Every author struggles with the question, “Who would want to read my book?” Then there’s that annoying inner voice that yells, “Nobody!” Ouch.

My best friend recently declared my reader worthiness on Facebook. “He is one of the most Prolific Writers of the 21st Century. If you want a Great Read… Order all his Books.” Thanks, Kurt. Wish everybody felt that way.

Most people have no interest in a book about the death of a loved one. Morbid. Sad. Depressing. I get it.

“The hero of the story gets killed mid-way through the story?” Yep.

But…that’s life. The way it really is. Happy endings are what we make of life’s gut blows.

Farewell PFC POLK is a celebration of that mysterious inner strength of the human spirit that rises above tragedy and rebuilds…finds a way…wins.

So, then, here are my ten reasons for reading my book:

  1. You will definitely feel something. Heck, I cried when I wrote it. I also laughed. My favorite moments of writing are the ones that move me. That’s when I know that a scene has power.
    2.    This story will inspire you. There is life after the painful loss of a child. When buried in a crisis it’s difficult if not impossible to see a positive outcome. The mountain of pain is too high..the floodwaters of despair are too deep. But, one day, we find ourselves on the other side of the mountain beside still waters where faith and hope are restored.
    3.     It’s a beautiful love story. Yes, the hero of the story has a major love interest. Buddy Polk meets and falls in love with Sally Duffy in the summer of ’53. But, Sally, follows her head and not her heart and breaks off the romance at summer’s end. Buddy is so devastated by the experience that he joins the United States Marine Corps.
    4.    It’s a story about faith lost and regained. Buddy’s mom was the family’s spiritual rock. Her unshakable faith was brutally shaken to the point of nonexistence, and she feared that it was lost forever. In the midst of her hopelessness, she is confronted by an unlikely source which helps her to find her way back. With renewed faith comes hope.
    5.    It’s a mystery. The official Marine Corps report stated that PFC Charles Polk was accidentally killed by his best friend. But there are lingering questions about the authenticity of that friendship and the circumstances surrounding the death which are detailed in the book. I would love to hear your opinion on the matter. Was his death accidental or the result of a sinister plot to murder?
    6.    It’s based on a true story. Truer than not. Like I said in a previous post, “Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”
    7.    The book deals with some of life’s greatest questions. “Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow it? Is our future revealed in our dreams?”
    8.    The book is historical fiction. Farewell PFC POLK is set in the 1950s, and although not intended as such it does feature a plentiful supply of 50s trivia. The places, fashions, songs, movies, and more are spot on. In one scene, Sally Duffy is unhappy because she has to pay more than 20 cents for a gallon of gas. Later, she spends $20 for an entire week at the Hotel Strasburg.
    9.    It’s a story with plenty of humor. One of my favorite scenes to write was when Buddy goes to boot camp. Drill Instructors aren’t particularly funny when you’re going through it but, after the fact, they’re a hoot. With a background in writing comedy routines for a popular radio program (The Burt and Kurt Show) that I co-hosted for more than 40 years, I can’t help but add some comedic relief.
    10.     The story is a gripping drama and powerful story told in my wholesome writing style. In other words, no smut, no filthy language, and no gore.

There. I’ve done it. 10 Reasons You Should Read Farewell PFC POLK. Please add my novel to your To-Read list and if you like it, a review would be greatly appreciated.

And…I’ve got some good news. For a limited time, I have lowered the price of the eBook to just 99 cents. The print edition is also available for $9.93. Both versions are available here: Farewell PFC POLK: The End of a Nightmare.

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