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Life Lessons in a Box

I don’t pretend to be a do-it-yourselfer or handyman but sometimes there are undesirable projects that just beg for my unprofessional help, all in the name of saving a buck. Been married nearly 45 years and my wife still hasn’t gotten the message that she didn’t marry Tim the Toolman Taylor or Bob Villa.  She still expects me to fix stuff. Now, I try. I really do. Installed a new ceiling light and dimmer switch in a bedroom a couple of weeks ago. Now the power is out in the adjoining bathroom. Nothing has burned down yet so I suppose […]

The Winter of My Life

Sometimes we like to divide life into seasons. You know, Spring is birth through childhood, Summer is the young adult phase, Fall is the middle adult era, and then finally the winter years, when, well, you know. By the government standard, the winter years begin at 65. So, I suppose it’s winter for me. I am officially OLD. My high school reunion comes up this year. SHS class of ’66. Fifty years since graduation from the hallowed halls of Strasburg High School (Strasburg, VA). Do I really want to hang around with all those old people? Thankfully, I am blessed to […]

An Image Overhaul for Monday

What’s so bad about Monday?  How many times have you heard this (or said it)? “Having a good day?” “Well, you know, it’s Monday?” Poor Monday gets blamed for just about anything that goes wrong.  Problem at work? Blame it on Monday. Lousy traffic.  Monday is at fault.  And so it goes. I recall getting yelled at for whistling on Monday morning. My annoyed co-worker told me that he couldn’t stand happy people in the morning, particularly on Monday. Nobody gets worked up over Tuesday. Wednesday gets a little love when we refer to it as Hump Day. Thursday is now recognized as the day to […]

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