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After the Storm

I am currently working on the second book in the IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE series.  There will be a considerable jump in time from where the first book ended.  Faith Conquers Fear ends in June of 1919 and the new novel, After the Storm, begins in the fall of 1954. The story is about a tragedy that befalls Mable and Charlie’s only son, Charles Polk, Jr. One day shy of Charlie, Jr.’s 20th birthday, he was accidentally killed by his best friend.  He seemingly had everything going for him: handsome, popular, athletic, and with a smile that could melt the coldest heart. […]

My Top 10 + 1

I’m told that internet readers like lists.  Top 10 Grossest Foods.  Best 5 Ways to Burn a Meatloaf.  7 Reasons for Dumping Your Spouse.  Important stuff like that. With that in mind, I decided to create a list of my own.  What shall it be?  My Top 10 Favorite Bosses?  Nope.  Can’t think of that many.  Top 5 Reasons To Eat Brussel Sprouts?  Probably not. 7 Sure-Fire Ways To Stop Your Wife From Nagging That Don’t Involve Spending Money? Better leave that one alone. Decided on this one: My Top 10 + 1 Favorite Scripture Verses (everybody does 10. 11 to be different) These verses have had greatest application in […]

Mountains and Molehills

No doubt, you have heard the old expression, “Don’t make mountains out of molehills.”  There are several other similar clichés that come to mind such as “Don’t sweat the small stuff, “Don’t blow things out of proportion,” and “Don’t major on the minors.” As you prepare to take on a new day you will be confronted by a steady stream of small problems (molehills) and it’s your job to react to them wisely, which requires a reasonable assessment of the situation.  Make no mistake, there will be massive problems (mountains), but the wisdom of the ages tells us to see those […]

Retiree On a Mission

When I hit 40, AARP targeted me for their senior services.  Just for the record, still haven’t joined.  In fact, I have doggedly refused any benefits afforded seniors, aside from Social Security.  It’s mine.  Paid into the program since landing my first job back in the dark ages.  Wait.  I did order from the senior’s menu at IHOP a few years back.  Does that count? So, here I am, one month into retirement, reflecting upon…how my life has changed.  Let’s see: Nobody to tell me what to do – Well, the lone exception is my wife.  She’s earned the right. Freedom […]

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Who is the HERO in your life?  I’m not talking about heroes of the Hollywood or sports variety.  Let’s give thought to those who had the greatest influence on molding you into the person you are today. Interestingly, if you look up the word, HERO, in your trusty dictionary, you may get a surprise.  Check this out from the Oxford Dictionary. a priestess of Aphrodite at Sestos on the European shore of the Hellespont, whose lover Leander, a youth of Abydos on the opposite shore, swam the strait nightly to visit her. One stormy night he was drowned, and Hero in grief […]

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