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The Book I Had to Write

You see it all the time – the “must read” book. Sometimes that overused tagline turns out to be true. But as for me, my new novel, Farewell PFC POLK: The End of a Nightmare, was a “must write.” For just about as long as I can remember, Charlie Polk’s story has been in my head, and now that it’s on paper the saga is firmly entrenched in my heart and soul. Another common tagline is “based on a true story.” The only thing that separates Farewell PFC POLK from “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is my […]

7 Secrets About Book Writing You Can Learn From TV

I still hate it, during a particularly emotional scene in a TV show or movie, when my wife looks at me to gauge my reaction. It’s like she wants to catch me crying. Of course, protecting my male ego is of the utmost importance.”The pollen is something awful this year, dear.” We can learn a lot about writing from those sappy TV shows we love or simply endure. At the risk of being severely castigated for my choice of TV shows, I’ve assembled a list of 7 Secrets About Book Writing You Can Learn from TV. Supergirl – Great characters, no […]

An Inside Look at Farewell PFC POLK

Book II from IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE is here! Farewell PFC POLK: The End of a Nightmare opens in 1945 with a troubling nightmare on Charles Polk, Jr.’s 9th birthday. There was that dream again. Buddy sat up in his bed and looked around the room for more pictures like those still fresh on his mind. Black and gray images depicting deep emotions of sorrow, pain, shock and desperation. People he knew: crying, moaning, screaming. There were strangers among them: motionless, speechless, sad. And the hundreds of black flowers on a bed of stars, stripes, and brass buttons made […]

The Valley of Hope

What inspired a series on the Valley of Hope?  What is it?  Where is it?  Why is it important? To be clear, the Valley of Hope is a real place but the concept is a state of mind.  The place is the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  It was where early settlers came, many of them immigrants, with hopes and dreams for a better life in a new land. I grew up in that beautiful Valley with its rich farmland and breathtaking landscape.  The opening words to America the Beautiful capture the pristine beauty of the countryside.: O beautiful for spacious skies, […]

Life Lessons in a Box

I don’t pretend to be a do-it-yourselfer or handyman but sometimes there are undesirable projects that just beg for my unprofessional help, all in the name of saving a buck. Been married nearly 45 years and my wife still hasn’t gotten the message that she didn’t marry Tim the Toolman Taylor or Bob Villa.  She still expects me to fix stuff. Now, I try. I really do. Installed a new ceiling light and dimmer switch in a bedroom a couple of weeks ago. Now the power is out in the adjoining bathroom. Nothing has burned down yet so I suppose […]

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