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Define Your Audience

It has been said that when you write a book/article/short story (in other words, anything) that you should keep your audience in mind. You are asking the question, “Who the heck is going to read this anyway?” As it relates to the two novels I’ve already written, the one I’m working on, and this blog…the answer is…”beats me.” Just kidding. Let’s break it down with some more questions.  Why would someone want to read your book? What is it about your book that would make someone want to spend their hard earned money to buy it? Why would someone decide to purchase your book instead […]

What You Never Knew About Your Family

My granddaughter often jokes about my advanced age. “Did they have electricity when you were a little boy?” “Were you frightened by the dinosaurs?” Once in a while I try to tell her about what it was like when I was her age, which by the way, is not so antiquated as she might think. We even had TV, albeit 3 channels with rabbit ears. I was her age once and surrounded by adults who attempted to fill me in on their past, but just like her, I wasn’t the least bit interested in those ramblings about Aunt So and So […]

Truth in Fiction

Someone asked me recently, “How much is fiction and how much is truth?” Great question which I’ll attempt to answer by revealing some of my research. It is also important to define the genre, Historical Fiction:  Historical fiction is a literary genre in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past That definition is a very broad stroke and leaves considerable room for sub-genres like romance, mystery, etc.  Personally, I am drawn to Historical Fiction because I’m old.  Just kidding. I like the genre because it creates mood, feeling, and color. When writing IN THE VALLEY OF HOPE, […]

The Need for Creativity

Are you a creative person? For you, the world is a blank canvas, in need of your touch to make it a more beautiful or more meaningful place.  In fact, you aren’t really happy unless you are doing something that provides an outlet for your creative imagination. My quality of life is measured by my freedom to create.  Creativity is as much a part of me as breathing or the rhythm of my heartbeat. I live in a household where creativity abounds.  My wife is an artist and I am a writer.  Admittedly, my literary pursuits are more self-contained while her creative […]

Why Do You Do What You Do

Recently, someone asked me, “Why do you write?”   Good question and worthy of an answer.  I’ve come up with a list of seven reasons why I write, and who knows, by the time I am finished with this exercise there may be eight or nine.  As you read this, consider why you do what you do.  “Why do you sing?”  “Why do you draw or paint?”  “Why do you play a musical instrument?”  “Why do you hunt or fish?” “Why do you do what you do?” Need a creative outlet – Creativity helps me to feel fulfilled, like I’ve accomplished something […]

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