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The Forever Notebook 365 Daily Prayer Journal

The Forever Notebook Prayer Journal

The Forever Notebook project is complete. 365 daily devotionals in 4 volumes and a Prayer Journal. And each devotional is based on a different scripture passage. That’s nearly 1,600 pages. I still find it hard to believe, and it could only have been accomplished with the Lord’s guidance and help.

The project came from my daily quiet time with the Lord, which is why there are many references to personal experiences. In it you will read my life testimony to the faithfulness, goodness, and wonder-working power of the Savior.

I’ve endeavored to remain true to sound Biblical doctrine while writing in a way that even those new to the faith can understand.

It is my fervent prayer that these 365 messages from God’s word will fall into the hands of those who need it. May they encourage, educate, inspire, and challenge the readers to a closer walk with the Lord.

Each volume is in paperback and eBook/Kindle formats except the 365 Daily Prayer Journal which is in paperback only.

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