Farewell PFC Polk

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Title: Farewell PFC Polk
Series: In the Valley of Hope #2
Release Date: January 23, 2016
Pages: 262
ISBN13: 978-1523234172

How do you handle losing life's most precious gift?

The Polk family faces their greatest tragedy and discovers that there is life after the painful loss of a child. (Based on a TRUE STORY)

When he was 9-years-old, Charlie Polk was plagued by a recurring nightmare. Ten years later it became a reality.

The official Marine Corps report claimed that PFC Charles Polk was accidentally shot and killed by his best friend, Eddie Johnson. But is that what actually happened? Does a best friend try to get his buddy fired from his job, force himself on his girlfriend, and then lie about how it happened?

Private Polk’s death left a string of broken hearts, all claiming to be the love of his life, but only one of them, Sally Duffy, had captured his heart. When she shows up at the funeral, the family is shocked to learn about the beloved Marine's mystery girlfriend.

Of greater concern to the family was the condition of Charlie's mother. Mable Polk had fallen into deep depression and lost the spiritual strength upon which the family had always relied. They were like a ship without a sail until faith was restored through an unlikely source.

Farewell PFC Polk begins in the winter of 1952 in a small town in northern Virginia and chronicles the story of Buddy Polk, from his senior year in high school to his service as a Military Policeman in the United States Marine Corps, his mysterious death on June 28, 1955, and how friends and family cope with the tragedy and ultimately rebuild their lives.

Life isn’t always fair and tragedies don’t always have happy endings. But where there is faith there is always hope.

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