The Forever Notebook

Daily Quiet Time Devotions for Christians, Book 3, July – September

In Book 3 of his dynamic new devotional series, The Forever Notebook, Richard Weirich provides daily inspirational and instructional counsel to help you grow in your forever relationship with God.

Each book in the quarterly series is grounded in God’s word, and written to help you face life’s greatest challenges, strengthen your faith, and provide you with hope, comfort, and encouragement based on sound biblical teaching.

In The Forever Notebook, Book 3 (July – September), you’ll be challenged to start a daily quiet time, set meaningful spiritual goals, and take a disciplined approach to applying godly principles to daily living.

Among the Daily Meditations in this book:

  • The Strong-Willed Child of God
  • How God Protects Us from Satanic Attacks
  • The Key to Better Relationships
  • Healing for a Broken Heart
  • Spiritual Gifts for Dummies
  • How God Works for Us Behind the Scenes
  • Child-like Faith Explained and Why You Need It
  • Will We Know Our Loved Ones in Heaven?
  • Battling Depression
  • Is Cursing a Sin?
  • What is God’s Will for Your Life?
  • God’s Remedy for Fatigue and Stress
  • How Husbands are to Love Their Wives
  • When Your Spirit is Willing but Your Flesh is Weak
  • How to Resolve Conflict
  • It’s Not Too Late for God to Heal Our Land
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