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My Writing Tip for the Rest of Your Life

Who’d a thunk it? This old man added something new (previously believed to be impossible) to his writing routine. Never gave it much thought. Check that. Never gave it any thought. But it just might be the most important thing I have done to help myself. So what is it? What is that vitally important thing that many writers have overlooked? Especially, those of, shall we say, more advanced age. EXERCISE! I write every day. Never miss. Even on holidays. Hour after hour, sitting in a chair, staring into a laptop monitor. Headaches. Neck pain. Carpal tunnel eyestrain (if there […]

If You Can’t Say Something Nice

I suspect there’s a lot of rolling over in the graves of our forefathers/foremothers regarding the state of the union. But not for what you might think. And they would probably disagree that today’s world is any more frightening than the one in which they lived. They¬†experienced wars and rumors of wars. Two world conflicts.¬†The Korean war. Vietnam. They knew financial hardship. Lived on a shoestring budget. And there was that horrendous era known as The Great Depression. My brother died from polio in 1948. Thousands of American children were stricken with the crippling disease. A survey in 1952 ranked […]

A Good Writer Can Make Stupid Amazing

Christmas in July? Really. Back in the day we used it as a promotional stunt in radio. Today, that gimmick is now a viable programming alternative. Maybe it’s kind of a weather thing. You know. Christmas and snow. Freezing temps. Helps us somehow feel cooler in the sweltering heat of July. Regardless of the reason, some local radio stations are playing wall to wall Christmas tunes. Please spare us, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” Not to be left out, at least one TV network has gone wall-to-wall Christmas programming. That would be on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries […]

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