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New Novel is Underway

Since concluding my last novel, Alexandra’s Song, I have taken a month off from writing. Well, sort of. Actually, I have devoted time to revising my previous works with new covers and a few touchup edits where needed. This old dog still likes to learn some new tricks. I was determined to master GIMP (because it’s FREE) and step up my marketing efforts. Mission accomplished. What is GIMP, you say? Like Photoshop without the hefty price tag. Additionally, I have set up a little side biz at Fiverr for those interested in professional custom book trailers. Gives me a chance to use […]

On the Occasion of My 45th Wedding Anniversary

Two milestones this month. 45 years ago, June 19 to be exact, Janet and I were married. And this month also marks the 50th year since graduating from Strasburg High School. As anyone my age will tell you, time passes quickly. I’ll rephrase that. Time passes too quickly. One day, you’re worrying about tripping on the graduation stage or your knees popping when you kneel at your wedding. And then suddenly, your hair is gray (if you’re lucky enough to still have it) and you’re the oldest living creature on your block. It was September, 1970 when we met. Just out of the […]

Wholesome is Not a Dirty Word

Wholesome isn’t cool or popular. “You write clean books. Really?” Sounds like writing intended for children. In fact, WHOLESOME is a dirty word in that it is a turnoff term to many if not most potential adult readers. Clean. Family Friendly. Wholesome. Safe enough to tell the parrot belonging to the town gossip. I have my grandmother to thank for the censor that monitors my writing style. Or, maybe it’s the era in which I grew up or the influence of a small town. Whatever the reason, there’s a governor onboard this writing bus. That’s why you won’t find overt sex […]

How to Use Seed Ideas for Creative Writing

My new novel, Alexandra’s Song, began with a seed idea. “A girl is running.” Planted it at bedtime. Nurtured it while trying to fall asleep. Woke up early with a story concept which I immediately used to construct an outline. By lunchtime, Alexandra’s Song was born. Obviously, there is nothing new under the sun. Googled it just to be certain. Yep. The name is used for teaching grades 3-5 how to write. At least my process is different but just as simple. In fact, so elementary that I showed it to my eleven-year-old granddaughter in under fifteen minutes. Seed idea. “A […]

Angels Diner Book I

Molly Sanders has been given the unique ability to see beyond the physical world into a place where a war rages between the forces of good and evil. My first novel in the Angels Diner series is complete. Introducing, Alexandra’s Song.     To date, my books have been works of historical fiction. Alexandra’s Song is work of contemporary fiction with shades of suspense, the supernatural, and romance. The story is set in Divinity Falls, PA, population 400. “Salute!” (Trivia question: Name the TV show that popularized that expression?) Molly Sanders is the 20-year-old protagonist with a painful past, a big secret, and […]

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