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Our Obsession with Lists

What’s up with all these lists? I’m not buying the “God started it” argument. Ten Commandments. First blogger to use a list: Moses. First social media platform: a rock. Besides, the greatest list ever written has been watered down to the Ten Suggestions. Just sayin’. Before you get the wrong idea, I am not anti-lists. My blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages feature lots of handy itemized lists. I just wonder why? What is the attraction? Possibly our obsession is something simple like a desire to simplify our interests? Or, something that reflects the reality of our work ethic: we […]

The Most Exciting Part of Writing a Novel

OK. Book sales and good reviews are rewarding. But, as for me, the most exciting part of the novel writing process is the finish line. What I mean by the¬†finish line is what happens beginning at about 70,00 to 75,000 words. That’s when the story that has been bouncing around in my brain for months is ramping up to a (hopefully exciting) climax. My goal = 100,000 words. Then comes whittling, most commonly known as editing.¬†Borrowed the term from my grandfather. Cut the unnecessary. Strengthen the plot. Enrich the characters. Perfect the grammar. After all the judicious editing, the finished […]

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