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Meet My New Family

I go to bed thinking about them. When the morning comes they weigh heavily on my mind. That’s my new family. To be clear, my old family is also top of mind. They matter enough to be the subject of my daily prayers. The gossip gadabouts are going to love this juicy fact: I get a new family three to four times per year. These new families of which I speak are the ones I write about in my books. See there. That wasn’t so bad, was it? My new families are fictional but so very real. Currently, I am […]

Write Your Masterpiece

Your self-published book is not selling. What can you do about it? Spend big bucks on promotion (What? I’m pretty sure that if you look up writer in your Funk and Wagnalls you will see dirt poor as part of the definition.) Write a content blog every day about your novel. If all goes well you will drive some traffic to your website. (You have an extra hour or two every day, right?) Give away something for free? (I’ve got an old lawn mower in my garage. How about that?) Mark the price of your book down to 99 cents. […]

The Tea Cup in the Painting – Part 2

In my previous post, I gave a glimpse into a little something from my radio past that appears in my novels. The Burt and Kurt character, Red Wood, makes an appearance in Farewell PFC POLK: The End of a Nightmare as a Gunny Sergeant. (read the excerpt here) In my new novel, Angels Diner: Alexandra’s Song, (now under construction) the loveable old B&K character, Uncle Mack shows up in a vignette. In the scene, the main character, Molly Sanders is headed out on her first date with Casper Knight. Their journey takes them to the Allegheny Forest National Park in […]

The Tea Cup in the Painting – Part 1

My wife, Janet the artist, told me that some renowned oil painters use a little something more than just their signatures to label their paintings. For example, a tea cup or a vase incorporated into every work of art. Sometimes the objects are masked or hidden and near impossible to find. Thomas Kincade included the letter N in most of his paintings which was a tribute to his wife, Nanette. Kind of like Where’s Waldo for adults. That gave me an idea. Why not use that technique in my writing? My old radio partner of 40+ years, Kurt Kilpatrick, wanted to know why […]

Solve Your Family Mystery

What’s in your family’s past that you have never been able to explain? I would be willing to bet that there is, at least, one mystery that you would like to solve. So, hop in your Marty McFly (Back to the Future) DeLorean Time Machine, albeit an easy chair and laptop, and get to work. Why you may become so excited about your revelations that you’ll be motivated to write a book. Worked for me. In fact, my detective work led to two novels. Discovery is so cool, especially when you have a vested interest. One seemingly meaningless document took […]

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